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Catamaran 16

Topaz 16 Catamaran

Breathtaking speed, amazing control and stability

Following an exhaustive research and testing programme, the NEW roto-moulded CATAMARAN from Topper International launches in 2007. The Topaz 16 CAT is designed by Yves Loday and Rob White. Loday and White is an International CAT Team of the very highest calibre, so it is no surprise that they have produced such a stunning new CAT.

The 16 CAT provides exhilarating performance. As you’d expect the 16 CAT is unashamedly fast. Yet she can easily be handled by inexperienced crew. The responsiveness resembles that of an Olympic racing machine. Yet the Topaz 16 CAT is exceptionally stable and forgiving.

The 16 CAT can handle any conditions. Tested in a demanding holiday company environment by Sunsail, the Topaz 16 CAT just keeps coming back for more punishment. The hulls are constructed using the now legendary TRILAM roto-moulding technique used on the incredibly successful Topaz range of sailboats so the 16 CAT is incredibly robust and resilient.

The 16 CAT’s unique hull shape makes light work of big waves even putting many larger Cats in the shade. The hulls incorporate skegs rather than daggerboards so beaching the CAT is safe and simple. And the lightweight TRILAM Metalicene hulls are easy to handle ashore and require virtually no maintenance.

The rig has been kept relatively simple, so the Topaz 16 CAT can be quickly and easily rigged and de-rigged. In high winds, mainsail reefing is an option and the jib can be furled in seconds.

All fittings on the 16 CAT provide supreme efficiency and outstanding durability. The controls, from raising the mainsail and jib to handling the mainsheet loads, are geared so that even young or lighter crew can handle them comfortably in up to a force 4-5. The rudder system is shared with many of the top end racing cats so it has been tried and tested to extreme levels.

All in all, owning the 16 CAT catamaran is plain sailing for an extremely wide range of ages and abilities – and what incredible sailing it is!

ConstructionTRILAM Polyethelene

Great value trapezing Catamaran which offers a great introduction to performance sailing.

Rig options to suit beginners, club racers and one or two crew.

Option of single or twin trapeze.

Reefing System for the Dacron and Mylar mainsail enables up to 20% reduction in sail area, meaning the boat can easily be sailed single-handed.

Extremely buoyant hulls to handle power and guarantee comfort.

Safe, stable and reassuring hull shape.

Jib furler is standard on school version and optional on Topaz 16 CAT C and 16 CAT CX versions.

Sealed one piece mast for further capsize protection.

Much admired single-line gennaker system enables effortless launches and recoveries.

Fantastic control systems keep things simple and are easy to use.

Proven lifting rudder system is child’s play.

Lightweight hull is easy to launch and recover.

TRILAM technology unique to Topper gives unrivalled strength to weight ratio and great uniformity, buoyancy, stiffness and durability.

Three year hull warranty.


Topaz Range

Topaz 16 Catamaran - Sailing Time Multihull